Debut single from Craig Walker + The Cold

June 25, 2021 admin

“Get Arrested” is the debut single from Craig Walker & The Cold and out now via The state51 Conspiracy. The song examines the theory that the road to fame is littered with murder and that only glitter shines when you look back.

Frontman Craig Walker has been releasing music since his debut album with Power of Dreams on Polydor Records in 1990. Power of Dreams had great success in Ireland, the UK and Japan, releasing 4 albums over a hectic 6 year period. Craig went on to join Archive in 2000 and released 3 albums to huge acclaim around Central and Eastern Europe. Since then Craig has collaborated with a number of acts including Mineral, Booka Shade, dance outfit WUSA as well as Them There.

A Them There track, “Fade Out Lines” co-written by Craig and Phoebe Kildeer was reworked by The Avener and has recently gone 6 times platinum in France and was a radio #1 in more than 30 countries around the world.

The Cold is Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Alcock. Erik has written, performed or produced with acts including Eminem, Celine Dion, Kanye West, Pink and many more.

Craig and Erik boast an incredible tally of more than 2 billion streams of songs they have either performed, written or produced on. This eagerly awaited debut single was recorded in Berlin, produced by Erik and mixed by Ryan McCambridge.

Live dates to be confirmed soon.

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